Monday, April 18, 2011

Safura's Mediterranean Cuisine

Have you ever found a pair of shoes that just screams YOU!?  The perfect style, perfect color...everything about them makes you want to like them...maybe even love them.  But alas, there's just one fatal flaw...they don't fit and no matter how hard you try to force your pretty lil' foot in there, it's just not going to happen.  That's, unfortunately how I felt when I dined at Safura's in Lacey, WA this past weekend.  There were so many things to like about this Mediterranean restaurant.  The staff was warm and genuine, the prices were very reasonable, and there was a variety of entrees to choose from.  The fatal flaw...the food just wasn't that good. 

The restaurant itself is clean and inviting.  I loved the Arab teapots and other authentic Middle Eastern pieces that decorated the walls.  Our waitress was extremely kind and was quick to take our orders.  The prices generally ranged around $7-$10 per plate.  Kid's meals were also a good price at $3-$4.

For our appetizers we ordered the dolmas, which are grape leaves stuffed with rice, parsley and other herbs and spices.   The dolmas had a nice bright flavor to them, but they were served on a plate swimming in a pool of some unknown congealed substance.  It was very off putting to say the least.  We also ordered some hummus and pita bread.  The hummus had a super creamy consistency, but I could have used a little bit more lemon juice to liven up the flavor.  My husband loved the quart of olive oil they poured on top, but I thought it was a bit too much.  The pita bread delicious.  Warm and tender and yes, you'll need to order extra.

For our main courses we decided to go with a Gyro combo (pronounced yee-roh) and a Chicken Shawarma platter.  I'll just let my 7 year old do the critiquing of the gyro....

"Mom, this gyro meat tastes like beef jerky.  And mom, my mouth is starting to hurt."

Although the gyro meat flavors were delicious, especially when combined with their cool, creamy tzatziki sauce, the texture of the meat was unforgivable.  At least the french fries served on the side were a little bit more "jaw friendly".  The Chicken Shawarma platter had a really good display of flavors.  The grilled spiced chicken was mixed with chopped bell peppers and onions and served with an overwhelming side of rice.  Again though, the dish had all the inspirational Mediterranean flavors but lacked the succulent, juicy meat.  I seriously had to slather each bite in hummus or tzatziki sauce so I wouldn't choke trying to get it down.

I have a personal love and strong connection to Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food because I spent part of my childhood in Saudi Arabia.  Every time I eat it, I feel like I know where my roots started to grow. When I saw that Safura's offered potentially great authentic Mediterranean food I, just like with the shoes, wanted to love this place.  But when it all came down to it, the fit just wasn't right for me.  Maybe it will be good for someone else, but I'm not going to force it.  That would just be painful...EAT WELL MY FRIENDS!
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