Tuesday, February 15, 2011

All in good taste...

So I have decided to switch things up a bit here on this blog.  I love food.  There is NO doubt about that.  Trying new flavors, experiencing culture, being adventurous, and, come on,  feeling the love through food is a passion of mine.  So this is what I'm going to do, whether anyone cares or not...I will be sharing my food experiences, be it through restaurant reviews, new recipes, or cool cooking techniques, on this blog.
One of my main goals is to find some decent grub in the area that I currently live, which is Olympia/Lacey, WA.  Now you'd think Olympia, being the WA capitol and all, would be teeming with great eateries.   Well, if it is, I may have stumbled on a few gems, but it's slim pickin's thus far.
I will try to post once a week on a place that my hubby and I or our family has dined at.  I will try to critique the atmosphere, service, pricing, and, of course, THE FOOD!  Good or bad, I'll let ya know.  I can be brutally honest when it comes to food, especially food that I'm paying good money for.  It may be a nice, swanky venue or heck, it may be Arby's.  Nice thing is, this is MY blog and I can serve up whatever I have!!
I also want to focus on how you can eat out and STILL make healthy choices.  NO this will not be a health or diet blog, but I do love having options when it comes to dining and appreciate restaurants that are willing to accommodate.
Lastly, I really do love to cook and experiment with food.  I will be posting recipes that I tried and love.  I probably won't have a bunch of glamorous pics or step by step instructions, but I figure smart people cook.  Y'all can figure it out!
Well, all that being said, I 'll apologize in advance if I offend anyone or the food they like.  I am an open person and willing to take criticism and give it when it is due.  I also love to extend abundant praise when I am impressed.  So...time to DIG IN!!


  1. Yay I can't wait to read this, my husband is a MAJOR Foodie if you ever want any suggestions of places to try here in the area he is the man to ask. He's always in search of the best places to eat and loves food too. He cooks more then I do I must admit I am a good cook I just have never found a love for it the way he does.

  2. How great...can't wait to share & hear all about it!

  3. Thanks gals! I'm excited too. Stephanie I'll definitely have to hit up your hubby for some suggestions! Jeannie I love some of the recipes that you post. I'm excited to try the Quinoa stuffed pepper one :)

  4. YEAH! I am excited to read your blog. Have you ever been to Mercato Ristorante downtown Olympia? I am interested in going but wonder if it's just as well to go to Anthonys or Falls Terrace. Thoughts?

  5. Hey Kelly! So glad to hear from you!! I haven't been to Mercato, although I've heard it's pretty good. I think they have coupons come in the mail too. I LOVE Anthony's Hearthfire. They are SO accommodating to my "healthier" requests and their steaks are always so flavorful. I did send my steak back one time because it wasn't properly cooked. They sent out a new one that was perfect and gave it to us for free. I appreciate good food and good service!!


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